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1. What is TABU ESCORT?

TABU ESCORT is a high class escort agency for the mediation of an independent escort lady, as an accompaniment for cultural purposes such as the opera, the theater, an event, dinner or as a travel companion, as well as for hotel and home visits. The agency AT Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt) provides the advertising platform available on the Internet and presents there the various, independent escort ladies with their respective Sedkarten. If you wish to book an escort lady as a customer, we as a placement agency only provide the contact between the escort lady and you as a customer. The escort ladies are all self-employed freelance and act on their own account and in their own name. The escort lady decides if she accepts the booking. A request from the customer does not constitute a binding booking. If the escort lady accepts the date, we will immediately contact the customer preferably by phone, by SMS or by e-mail to confirm the date. Only serious inquiries from customers will be answered. Calls with suppressed number are also not answered.

2. ProstSchG (Prostitute Protection Act) what does it mean?

The "ProstSchG" serves the legal regulation of the legal conditions of prostitutes in Germany. Current changes just make for a slight uncertainty in those affected from all areas, including, of course, the escort industry is one of them.

The ProstSchG extends from the 1. July 2017 its legal regulations and its scope also on escort ladies and escort agencies. The expansion of the legal text is unfortunate, since escort ladies are not prostitutes within the meaning of the definition. Unlike in the "real erotic trade" is the booking of an escort lady, the agreement of sexual acts is not a subject of the contract concluded in advance. The fee of the escort lady is for the booked time, not for erotic services.

An escort lady does not become a professional prostitute. The new law makes the escort ladies no "prostitutes". It continues to be the service of an independent high-class escort lady.

From the 31. December 2017, as a freelance escort lady, you will need to tell the Office that you are pursuing prostitution in a special way. The registration requirement applies to all persons offering sexual services for money in Germany. This also applies to all escort ladies.

This card must be presented to us at the beginning of the activity together with the health certificate. The purpose of the amendment to the ProstSchG is the prevention of forced prostitution and trafficking. Neither "Sex Flatrates" nor "Pauschalsex" are not to be compared with the work of a prostitute in the brothel, in the club or similar with the sophisticated activity of an escort lady.

What changes if you already work as an escort lady or would like to work as an escort lady in the future?
Your anonymity remains 100% protected. We respect as a serious escort agency on security and discretion of all independent escort ladies. And that's exactly why we see the legal changes as an advantage, because the black sheep in the industry no longer have a chance.

ID and registration:
Each escort lady needed in the past a trade license, the state and the authorities was thus always known as an escort. In addition, there is a duty of identification in Germany. If a German citizen can not prove his identity in any life situation, a fine is threatened. This is merely a misdemeanor, but not an offense. But this has always been so and does not represent an innovation.

Condom duty:
The use of condoms during sexual intercourse and anal intercourse has always been mandatory. A major change is that this rule will apply in future to any kind of oral sex. Previous offered services such as "French with inclusion", "French Total" and natural French may no longer be offered by the escort ladies.

3. How much does a date cost me with an escort lady?

The exact fees can be found in the fee list and can be read under "HONORARE" of the respective escort ladies. The self-employed escort lady has defined her fees at her own discretion and made them uniform for the purpose of the competition and communicated to us for publication. We have a reception authorization of all escort ladies for a possible pre-payment of Honoras.

4. Does the photo really correspond to the escort lady I booked?

Yes of course. All photos are current photos of the respective escort ladies. As an agency boss, I personally monitor all the photo shoots. The photographer tries to photograph the escort ladies as authentically as possible, so that you will certainly recognize your booked escort lady.

5. Why is the face of some escort ladies branded and invisible?

Please understand that the escort ladies also want to remain anonymous and usually work in a normal profession or have their own career or study.

Log In Area:

For our log in area you need the access data and password to log in there. You will receive this data personally if you have already booked with our agency, if you know me personally or if we know your true identity or your business homepage. After logging in you will see all the photos of the ladies without bars as well as some more revealing photos.

6. When do expenses arise?

Expenses are always charged if you want to meet the escort lady at a place outside her place of residence. For example, at the airport or on a trip. The expenses mainly cover the cost of the journey, the increased time required and a kilometer flat rate when traveling by car. Air and rail tickets and taxi costs will be charged separately. Please read "Fees" of the escort lady.

7. How can I pay?

In cash in € directly to the escort lady. If you want to pay with another currency, this must be clarified in advance with our agency and the escort lady. The lady only accepts US $, Swiss Francs and British Pounds by prior arrangement. Please hand over the agreed fee and eventual travel expenses of the escort lady in an open envelope at the beginning of the date.

8. What do I pay the fee for?

The respective fee refers to the booked time that the independent escort lady spends with you. The escort lady decides for herself how she organizes the date with you and what services she provides. The height of Honoras has determined the escort lady and is not negotiable. All escort ladies are self-employed freelancers and are not employees of AT Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (TABU ESCORT) The escort ladies act in their own name and for their own account. All fees of escort ladies are inclusive of z. Currently valid VAT of 19%.

9. Can I expect 100% discretion?

Of course, all escort ladies are 100% discreet and all employees of the agency AT Services UG (TABU ESCORT). We also wish that from our customers, according to the motto: "A gentleman enjoys and is silent". Of course you are welcome to recommend our agency at any time.

10. Can I extend my date?

Yes of course. Please clarify this directly with your escort lady, the lady will decide for yourself. The billing of the fee takes place directly with the escort lady. Also, let us know the extension of your date by e-mail, SMS or phone the next day so that there are no misunderstandings.

11. What if I do not like the booked escort lady or I have imagined the lady completely different?

If this should happen, please tell the escort lady at the beginning of the date. In this case please reimburse the lady for her taxi or travel expenses and the time already spent. Please clarify this directly with the lady. We are happy to advise you and together choose the right escort lady according to your wishes and ideas, then this should not happen. In the opposite case, it may also happen that the escort lady has reasons to cancel the date prematurely. The escort lady decides about it herself and will inform the agency immediately.

12. Is the escort lady also visitable?

NO! Escort ladies are in contrast to models not visitable

13. Can I ask the escort lady for your phone number?

NO. The escort ladies want to remain anonymous and not be asked for their e-mail address, telephone number or their mobile number. That is the reason why the escort ladies present themselves on our homepage and so we can protect their privacy. This guarantees you as a customer absolute anonymity and security. Only we as agency AT Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (TABU ESCORT) know the identity of all escort ladies and the customer and know how to protect them. As an agency manager, all escort ladies are personally known to me.

14. What if I want to meet the escort lady again or leave a message?

Feel free to send us a feedback. For reasons of discretion, we refrain from publishing feedback on our homepage. You can always book the lady through us again, if the lady agrees. We are happy to forward news.

15. Can I ask the escort lady for your phone number?

NO. The escort ladies want to remain anonymous and not be asked for their e-mail address, telephone number or their mobile number. That's why the ladies present themselves on our homepage and we can protect the privacy of our escort ladies. This guarantees you as a customer absolute anonymity and security towards the escort lady. Only we as an agency know the identity of all escort ladies and the customer and know how to protect them. As an agency manager, all escort ladies are personally known.

16. What happens with a cancellation?

A deposit already paid will not be refunded. Any incurred costs of travel and expenses must be paid and will be deducted from the deposit. The remaining amount will be charged with a subsequent booking within 6 months. If no new booking has been made within 6 months, the deposit will be forfeited. If your 24 date is canceled hours in advance or if the lady has taken extra leave, or is already on the way to your place and / or arrived at the place agreed with you, no refund will be made.

Please read our terms and conditions.