Frequently asked questions

1. What is TABU ESCORT? 

TABU ESCORT is a high class escort agency to book a companion for cultural purposes, such as to the opera and theatre, to an event, for dinner or as a travel companion and for a hotel or home visit. The agency provides advertising services with the advertising platform www.tabu-escort.de/com on the internet and presents the various independent and self-employed escort ladies with their comp cards. If you as a customer wish to book one of the listed escortladies, we provide as a booking agent simply the contact between the escortlady and you as a client. All escorts are freelance independently and act on their own account and on own their own behalf. The escorts will decide for themselves, whether they accept the booking or not. A request by the client is not a confirmed booking. When the escortlady accepts the date, we will immediately contact the client by telephone, text message or in some cases by e-mail to confirm the date. After confirmation through our agency, the reservation is binding for both parties.

We can only answer serious inquiries. Withheld calls without caller ID and WhatsApp messages will not be answered as well. If you are calling from abroad, you always can call us trough WhatApp.

2. ProstSchG

ProstSchG - what is meant by that?
The "ProstSchG" serves for the legal regulation of the legal conditions of prostitutes in Germany. Current changes provide just for a slight uncertainty with affected from all ranges, to which naturally also the escort industry belongs.
From 1 July 2017, the ProstSchG will extend its legal regulations and scope to escortladies and escort agencies. The extension of the legal text is unfortunate, since escortladies are not prostitutes within the meaning of the definition. Unlike in the "real erotic trade" is the booking of an escortlady, the agreement of sexual acts is not a subject of the contract concluded in advance.The fee of the escortlady is for the booked time, not for erotic services.
An escortlady does not become a professional prostitute
The new law does not make escortladies to "prostitutes". It continues to be the service of an independent high-class escortlady.
As of December 31, 2017, as a freelance escortlady, you will need to tell the Office that you are following prostitution in a special form. The registration requirement applies to all persons who offer sexual services for money in Germany. This also applies to all escortladies. This card must be presented to us at the beginning of the activity together with the health certificate and need to be renewed after expiry.
The purpose of the amendment to the ProstSchG is the prevention of forced prostitution and trafficking. "Sex Flatrates" are not to be compared with the work of a prostitute in the brothel, in the club or similar with the sophisticated job of an independent escortlady.
What changes if you already work as an escortlady or would like to work as an escortlady in the future?
Your anonymity remains 100% guaranteed. We respect as a serious escort agency on security and discretion of all independent escortladies. And that's exactly why we see the legal changes as an advantage, because the black sheep in the industry do no longer have a chance.

ID and registration:
Each escortlady needed in the past a trade license, the state and the authorities was thus always known as an escort. In addition, in Germany identity card is required. If a German citizen can not prove his identity in any life situation, a fine is threatened. This is merely a misdemeanor, but not an offense. But this has always been so and does not represent an innovation.

Condom mandatory:
The use of condoms during intercourse and anal sex has always been mandatory. Identification requirement a significant change is that this regulation will also apply to all types of oral sex in the future. Previous offered services such as oral sex without condom may no longer be offered by the escortladies.

3. Is your Agency service free for me as a client? 

Yes, our service to book an escortlady is free of charge for you as an client. You pay only the fee directly to the escortlady.

4. How much is a date with an escort? 

The exact fees please refer to the fee schedule of your booked escortlady and it can be found under "FEES" of the respective escorts. Each escortlady decide to choose her own fees and for that very purpose and to compete with other displayed escorts agreed to act in the same way and to display on our homepage.

5.Does the photo on the homepage really show the escortlady, which I have choosen and booked? 

Yes, of course. All photos are actual photos of each escortlady. As the manager of AT Services (TABU ESCORT) I oversee all the photo shoots myself. The professional photographer tries to photograph the escortladies as authentic as possible, so you will recognize for sure your booked escortlady.

6. Why are some of the escort`s faces branded and made invisible? 

Please understand, that the  escortladies wish to remain anonymous and also tend to work in a normal job or have their own career. As the agency manager I protect the privacy of all displayed escorttladies as far as possible.

7. When do charges expenses incurre?

Whenever you want to meet your booked escortlady at a place outside the homebase of the escortlady, to the airport or while traveling. The expenses cover primarily the costs of travel, the increased time and for any applicable mileage, allowance upon arrival of the escortlady by car. Please read our T & C under "fee" of the escortlady.

8. How can I pay? 

In cash in € directly to the escortlady. If you wish to pay with another currency, this is pre-checked with our agency and your booked escortlady. Your booked escort only accepts U.S. $, Swiss Francs and British Pounds. Please pass the fee directly to your escortlady in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of your date. Please understand, that the escortlady is obliged in order to avoid misunderstandings, to recount the fee. Alternatively, you can advance the fee, expenses or travel expenses by Bank transfer to the bank account of your booked escortlady or to our Company Bank Account.

Our Bank Account:

Company Name: AT SERVICES UG

Company Address: Spinnereiinsel 3C, D-83059 Kolbermoor

Bank Name: Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim-Chiemsee eG

IBAN: DE92 7116 0000 0009 5011 00


9. Is the fee negotiable?


10. For what do I have to pay the fee? 

The fee in each case refers to the booked time and spent by the escortlady with you. Your booked escort will decide this for herself, how she made the rendezvous and what services she provides and will arrange this with you personally. All displayed escorts are freelancers independently and are not employees of our Agency of AT Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt) TABU ESCORT.

The escorts are acting in their own name and on their own behalf.

All fees are included of VAT 19%.

11. Can I expect 100% confidentiality? 

Yes, of course, all displayed escortladies and our staff are 100% discreet. According to the motto: "A gentleman enjoys and is silent." Of course, you can always recommend our agency.

12. Can I extend my date?

Yes, of course. Please discuss this directly with your booked escortlady and she will inform us immediately. Please pay the fee directly to your booked escor lady and inform us the next day about the extension of your date via e-mail, SMS or by telephone, so there is no misunderstanding or confusion.

13. What happens, if the lady I have booked, does not look like the one I have choosen or I have imagined the escortlady completely different? 

If this should happen, so please inform the escortlady at the beginning of your date. The escortlady does not take it personally and will understand it. In this case, please report to the lady's taxi- or travel costs and the time she already spent with you. Please inform immediately our Agency if this happens. We are happy to advise you according to your wishes and to find the perfect escort lady for you. In the opposite case, it may also be that your booked escort lady has reasons to abandon the earlier date. Your booked escortlady will decide this herself and will inform our agency immediately.

14. Can I visit the escort lady in her place?

No you can`t.

15. Can I ask the escort lady for her phone number? 

Sorry, No, escortlady wish to remain anonymous and do not wish to be asked for their e-mail address, telephone number or address. This is the reason, why the ladies are presented on our website and we can therefore protect the privacy of all escorts. It also guarantees our clients complete anonymity and safety toward the escorts. Only we,as the the agency know the real identity of all displayed escorts and the clients and protect them. Me as an agency manager, all escorts are known personally.

16. What if I want to meet the escortlady again or would like to leave a message for her? 

Please feel free to email some feedback about your booked escortlady or even call us. As a matter of discretion, we do not publish feedbacks on our homepage. You can always book the escortlady through our agency again, if she agrees and wants it too.

17. What happens if I cancel my date? 

Please read our Terms and Conditions'

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