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Tabu Escort Traunstein - The district town of Traunstein is located in Upper Bavaria, has 20.000 inhabitants and is, in addition to its role as a district town, one of the most important educational sites in Southeastern Bavaria. Despite its supposedly small population, it has 25 schools. In which over 10.000 children and adolescents receive education.

But you and your dear lady of TABU Escort Traunstein certainly no schools visit. More interesting for you then but rather the different architectural influences of the city. Because of fires and wars, various parts of Traunstein were destroyed and rebuilt, creating a colorful mix of architectural variations. Some houses are from the late Middle Ages, others from the 17. Century. But also later buildings from the 19. And 20. Century can be found in the county seat and round off the picture really. Treat yourself and your exclusive freelance lady of TABU Escort Traunstein a city that has a mix of architecture in a big city and the tranquility of a village.

The Model and the Pope - TABU Escort Traunstein and the parish church

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The parish church was probably in the 12. Built in the style of a late Romanesque church. Only a little later you got the gothic style known today missed. The church is the primate church of Joseph Ratzinger, the emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. Like many other buildings in the city, it was affected by various fires. And thus always rebuilt.

Inside you and your freelance companionship can be TABU Escort service Traunstein therefore explore an interior from different eras. For example the high altar. 1732 made. Or the western part of the church, whose main portal and tower was completed in the year 1885. But where is the beautiful parish church? If you and your pretty wife of TABU Escort Agency Traunstein want to go in search of the beautiful church, you will find it at the west end of the town square. They are easily recognized by their onion-shaped tower and the long gable roof, both of which, in appearance, date from the late Baroque era.

Visit you and your freelance company TABU Escort this beautiful church and hear the sounds of the "Pope Benedict" organ. So close you will never come back to divinity.

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Not just for play - The Toy Museum and TABU Escort service Traunstein

Should you and your exclusive freelance lady of TABU Escorts Traunstein already dwell on the town square, you can both go directly into the Ziegleranwesen. The Ziegler estate, which is one of the oldest monuments in Traunstein, is home to the city and toy museum.

3.500 exhibits on 750 square meters are just waiting for you and your lovely company TABU Escort to be discovered. Indulge both in a childish memory and discover toys with which you might have played as a child.

Oans, zwoa, gsuffa! - TABU Escort Traustein and the Hofbräuhaus

From the historical malt stud to bottling. From the brewhouse to the tap. Under the motto "discover - experience - taste" you and your drinking companion of TABU Escort service Traunstein not only visit the traditional company Hofbräuhaus, but also taste it.

The 1612-founded Hofbräuhaus is owned by the Sailer family over 100 years. And still has its headquarters and production in the old town of Traunstein. With its approximately 110.000 hectoliters of beer and soft drinks, the company generates sales of over 12 million euros.

Let and your girlfriend of TABU Escort the art of brewing in a guided tour show. And the results melt on the tongue.

Bathing in Voralpenkulisse - With a model of TABU Escort Agency Traunstein an der Chiemsee

Do you want your lovely companion TABU Escort Traunstein offer yet another peculiarity? Because a trip to Traunstein does not have any advantages for beer lovers. Lead your freelance lady by TABU Escort Agency Traunstein to the largest lake in Bavaria. The Chiemsee.

The Chiemsee is one of the main attractions of the region and is for both water lovers and hiking enthusiasts to have. To what does your freelance escort lady of TABU Escort Traunstein?

A boat trip, sailing, surfing or swimming in the water. Jogging, biking or hiking next to the water. In addition, you can also reach the islands Herrenchiemsee and Frauenchiemsee by boat. The idyllic islets are a great idea especially for the summertime, with its treasure of TABU Escort service Traunstein to enjoy the togetherness.

No matter what you like, you and your girlfriend of TABU Escort Agency Traunstein come safely at your expense. And with the backdrop, everyone really falls in love with the place.

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