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TABU Escort Starnberg - The small county town of Starnberg is located about 25 km south of Munich, has good 23.000 inhabitants and is a true place of relaxation. Should you and your exclusive freelance lady of TABU Escort Starnberg be on nature and rest, then Starnberg will lay everything at your feet.

Of course, the lion's share is provided by Lake Starnberg, which not only sweetens life for the locals. Even people from near and far come regularly in the small place to enjoy a few quiet moments on the water. Even you and your pretty model of TABU Escort Starnberg should not miss the opportunity to spend a few quiet and sensual hours as a couple. At one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany. On a romantic island. Or at a fairytale castle. You see, this place is for you and your dream woman of TABU Escort Starnberg created perfectly.

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Until the year 1962, Lake Starnberg was actually called Würmsee. How so? Because the only outflow of Lake Starnberg is the Würm. TABU Escortservice Starnberg has always been called TABU Escortservice Starnberg. This will not change anything. Promised.

The lake is located 25 kilometers southwest of Munich and forms the same area Starnberger See. It is the fifth largest lake in Germany, but thanks to its depth it is ranked number 2 of the water richest lakes in Germany. His national reputation gained the Lake Starnberg by a major scandal, with King Ludwig II 1886 drowned in the lake. Even today people remind of the death of the then king with a wooden cross in the water. You leave your beauty behind TABU Escortservice Starnberg surely not drown, right?

Today, the most water-rich standing body of water is Bavaria's protected landscape area and has a central significance for the migration of birds. Up to 25.000 of them rest or hibernate during the autumn and winter months. But not only the birds feel at Lake Starnberg well. As old as the lake is its fishing. To this day you can cast your fishing rod commercially and privately in the Starnberger and hope for the big litter. Go fishing for a hot date too TABU Escort Starnberg and spend a nice day at one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany.

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A rose for your date from TABU Escort Starnberg

If you are ever at Lake Starnberg, bring your lovely lady off TABU Escortservice Starnberg but on the rose island. A romantic island, 170 meters from the west bank. The population of the island is indicated by "1", which stands for the year-round resident Kastellan. Sweet is not it? But the castellan does not stay alone. 4.000 tourists count the romantic rose island every year. You and your lovely companionship TABU Escort should count, because the poet Lorenz Westenrieder once commented on the romantic quality of the island as follows:

"... the island would be big enough to bury some grief in it, big enough to accommodate two hearts that now in the sweetest and happiest rapture of their souls need nothing but themselves and want nothing but bushes, their happiness in front of the eyes To hide envy. "

Is not that a good reason to buy a bottle of champagne, travel to the island and meet with your loved one TABU Escort Starnberg to spend a romantic evening on the Rose Island?

Long live the king - castle mountain and TABU Escort agency Starnberg

Just like TABU Escorts Starnberg, Schloss Berg can look back on a glittering past. At the time of the Electors Max Emanuel and Karl Albrecht, splendid festivals and hunts took place. Middle of the 19. The castle was then rebuilt on a grand scale by the then King Maximilian II. For the foundation, it received under the king, another four towers and pinnacles in the Gothic Revival style. King Ludwig II then built the fifth tower "Isolde", which you and your freelance lady of TABU Unfortunately, escorts can no longer marvel at today. In addition, the castle Berg still got a small harbor and the summer residence of the king was perfect.

Since the death of King Ludwig II, the castle Berg has not changed further and also a monument and a museum. After the Second World War, the castle was used by the American military, which unfortunately caused water damage and the castle almost threatened demolition. The entire interior of the former king was removed, as were the towers and battlements. The museum is set, due to thefts at exhibitions, set, but is still worth a trip to the castle. You and your lovely model of TABU Escort Starnberg can still today visit the beautiful grounds with the legendary castle and its magnificent chapel and immerse themselves in the time of the kings.

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