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Mountains, castles and Bosna - with TABU Escort Salzburg to Austria

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Escort Salzburg - A city at the foot of the Alps. With a castle over their houses and the birthplace of one of the greatest geniuses of classical music in their ranks. We from TABU Escort Salzburg invite you to one of Austria's most historic cities. Let yourself, along with your exclusive freelance accompaniment of TABU Escort Salzburg, from the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with its medieval and Baroque architecture will captivate and experience a time that you can thank TABU Escort Salzburg Do not forget so fast.

What makes the city special - learn it TABU Escort Salzburg

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Austria's fourth largest city certainly owes its greatest fame to its most popular citizen, Mozart. But the breathtaking scenery, with the Alps right on the doorstep and the numerous imposing castles make the city Salzburg to one of the most beautiful places in Austria. Be it the Hohensalzburg Fortress or the Hellbrunn Palace including the castle garden. Very much you can enjoy the beauties of the city by an exclusive freelance escort lady of TABU Show Escort. Or do you fancy the finest Austrian cuisine? The capital of the province of Salzburg offers excellent cuisine that makes your mouth water. Starting with the sweet Mozartkugeln, over the vegetarian, but hearty Lungau cheese dumpling soup to the spicy sausage Bosna. The city of Salzburg leaves no stomach hungry. And TABU Escort Salzburg nothing to be desired.

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With TABU Escortservice Salzburg to the fortress Hohensalzburg

The landmark of the city is for us from TABU Escort Salzburg the most beautiful sight in Austria. The fortress Hohensalzburg is located above the town on the fortress mountain and thus towers over the whole place. Your story reaches into the 11. Century back and is still today, with its 7.000 m & sup2; built-up area, the largest completely preserved castle in Central Europe. Thanks to its more than one million visitors a year, the Hohensalzburg Fortress is the most visited sight in Austria, outside of Vienna. Do not miss this beautiful fortress and best of all by your exclusive independent escort lady of TABU Escort this great piece of history of Austria show.

With TABU Escort Salzburg along the Getreidegasse

The heart of the city of Salzburg is the Getreidegasse. It is particularly characterized by its unique architecture with high portals and thus developed an incomparable charm that invites you to relax stroll through the old town of Salzburg. Many of the houses in the Getreidegasse are adorned with iron works of art, and in most of them you can even see ornaments bearing the name of the earlier occupants of the house. While the Getreidegasse was an important traffic route towards today's Bavaria in its early days, today it has become Salzburg's most beautiful and most important shopping street.

Stroll with your freelance escort lady TABU Escort through the numerous shops or drink together comfortably a coffee. On a shopping street, the most romantic kind.

With TABU Escort Agency Salzburg in the footsteps of Mozart

And if you ever been with your exclusive freelance lady of TABU Escort Salzburg in the Getreidegasse, you can also look at the birthplace of one of the greatest musicians of all time. The "Hagenauer Haus", in which Mozart performs at the 27. January 1756 was born, is located in Getreidegasse 9 and has become an absolute highlight not only for fans of classical music.

1880 was first opened by the International Mozarteum Foundation. Since then, it has been steadily expanded, so it has become a magnet for anyone interested in history and actually no one comes around for a visit to Getreidegasse 9. Treat yourself with your exclusive freelance escort lady of TABU Escort a one-hour tour of the birthplace of Mozart. Discover everyday objects, original documents and many memorabilia that will take you into the life of Mozart's famous composer.

With TABU Escort Salzburg discover nature

Meet and your exclusive freelance lady from TABU Escort Salzburg on a Tyrannosaurus Rex and shortly afterwards on distant galaxies. Travel into the deepest underwater worlds and then into the human body. Only the house of nature offers such a thing. One of the biggest tourism magnets of the city. Here you and your freelance companion of TABU Discover escort first hand, how huge dinosaurs lived long before our time and are just a few meters away from discovering the universe.

But the house of nature is not just a museum to look at. Here you can also lend a hand. In our own Science Center, every visitor, young and old alike, can experiment with lifting platforms, turbines, bridges and much more until their fingers are glowing.

Discover with your exclusive freelance escort lady from TABU Escort Salzburg how nature looked millions of years ago, how it could look like millions of kilometers away and how it will hopefully look under water in millions of years.

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