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TABU Escort Kitzbühel - If someone tells you something about Kitzbühel, then the subject will certainly have something to do with skiing. Because in general, the small 8000 residents are especially known for their incredible slopes that attract thousands of winter sports fans to the slopes every year.

But the city in north-eastern Tyrol is more than just "skiing and going away". Even if you are in the summer your date with a beautiful wife of TABU Escort service Kitzbühel, you can have plenty of fun.

That's why we have from TABU Escort Kitzbühel has put together a few small inspirations to help you become a freelance lady of your heart TABU Escort Agency Kitzbühel really spoil. We wish you a lot of fun in the Alps!

Adrenaline kick and a hot wife of TABU Escort Kitzbühel

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The most famous mountain in Kitzbühel is undeniably the Hahnenkamm. And what the name emits is also adhered to 100%. Because with a height of 1712 meters, the Hahnenkamm is a part of the ski area and, in addition to its many ski slopes, offers above all one. The streak. This ski slope is one of the most dangerous and feared in the world. Here is also the annual Hahnenkamm race, which you should not miss, if you are at the right time on site. Nothing for durability! Whether your date is from TABU Escort Kitzbühel dares?

The most beautiful escort ladies from Kitzbühel

Hiking on the Horn - with a model of TABU Escort Kitzbühel

Lace up your freelance lady's hiking boots TABU Escort service Kitzbühel tight, pack something to drink and go! The Kitzbüheler Horn is already waiting for you. The Kitzbüheler Horn is one of the most well-known and most important Alps in Tyrol and misses with its 1996 meters only a hair's breadth of the 2,000 meter mark.

If you want to climb the mountain but more comfortable, you can also relaxed and romantic carried by the cable car up. Your goal? How about alpine flower garden that you and your girlfriend of TABU Escorts can be found on 1800 meters. At such an altitude marvel at mountain flowers from all over the world. A better date for you and your model of TABU Escort Service Kitzbühel is certainly not.

Triathlon in Tirol - Everything is possible, nothing has to go with it TABU Escort Agency Kitzbühel

Beach holiday is certainly rarely associated with Kitzbühel. But that too can be your girlfriend of TABU Escort with ease. Because in summer the Schwarzsee, 2km from Kitzbühel, is a very popular bathing lake. With nature in the background, it is not surprising that in the years 2007 and 2008 here the Triathlon World Cup races took place. So take your clothes off, slip into your swimsuit and hop into the beautiful Schwarzsee! You come in the winter? No problem. In the cold season, the Schwarzsee offers you and your lovely companionship of TABU Escort an ice walk, ice skating or curling.

Look with your lady from TABU Escort Kitzbühel outside the box

Have you and your dear lady of TABU Escort fancy a visit to a museum? Then we will definitely recommend the Stadtmuseum Kitzbühel to you. The 1934 opened building is a listed building and provides an overview of the culture and history of the city and region.
A big focus of the collection is of course the winter sports history. But also home and folklore are not too short and give a great overview of the much too unknown region Kitzbühel.

Spend a quiet day with your lovely company TABU Escort Service Kitzbühel and learn more about this beautiful place in this beautiful landscape.

Wild wife of TABU Escort Service Kitzbühel meets wild animals from Aurach

Kitzbühel is not only a pleasure in wintertime, if you are with your snow hare from TABU Escort want to make the slopes unsafe. Even in summer, you can get your money's worth and explore nature in a different way. Since 350 the family Pletzer takes care of the wildlife park Aurach and its 1972 animals. And we are wholeheartedly there to give you an unforgettable time.

In the Wildpark Aurach you can discover native animals such as deer, lynx or yaks in a free and natural environment. And as a special treat, you can watch from 14: 30 clock even in the wild feeding and the animals as close as possible.

Is in your beloved of TABU Escort Kitzbühel a small animal lover? Then bring her here and put a smile on her face. She will thank you for sure.

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