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Graz is the capital of Styria, and at the same time the second largest city in Austria. The beautiful place with just 280.000 inhabitants offers far-reaching experiences. In fact, the existence of the city can already be around 3000 v.. Chr. Occupy. Even in the present Graz remains known. The bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger is a native Austrian from the city. Tabu Escort Graz would like to take you on a journey through Graz. Let yourself be transported by the far-reaching history, as well as the buildings! Officially awarded as Cultural Capital 2003 and World Heritage Site. This reaffirms the essence of tourism, as history and culture are in the foreground. Likewise is Graz known as congress city, because half of the nights are business. Both recent and historical events with Tabu Escort Graz explore. In addition, the city also offers the possibility to just relax and enjoy. This city is a Gesamtkunstwerk from all possible eras, so Tabu Escort Graz falls for her beauty.

On the Schlossberg with Tabu Escort service Graz

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In the old town the castle mountain towers in the height. To be exact 123 meters high. From Schlossberg also derives the name of the city. Originally it is not Graz, but "gradec". Gradec was the name of the castle built around 1125, because it was called "little castle". First as a Romanesque building, the castle was later rebuilt in the Gothic style. Furthermore, to 1544 you miss her the last Renaissance fine touch. The heart of the city is among other world record carriers as the "strongest fort of all time".

Even Napoleon could not conquer the castle, so he only got on through extortion.

He threatened to destroy the capital, and the citizens surrendered. Try with her seductive independent escort lady of Tabu Escort Graz to take the fortress. Write your own story in Schlossberg.

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The Kunsthaus with Tabu Escort Graz

The Kunsthaus Graz was opened as part of the award. The cultural capital of 2003 opened its doors to the Kunsthaus in the same year. A visit with her freelance escort lady from Tabu Escort should not be missed, because this is the second landmark of the city. Explore everything that is related to the city so you do not miss anything! Beautiful also the contrast between the historic castle, and the Kunsthaus Graz. Here the focus is on the modern age. Built in the style of "blob architecture", this magnificent building is an exhibition building. Above all, art of the last 50 years is exhibited, or contemporary. Explore with her exclusive company of Tabu Escort Graz what modern times offers! We are sure that it leaves an impression!

By The Opera House with Tabu Escort Graz

When culture inspires. Built in the heart of the city, the opera house dates back to 1899. As an occasion of the 50.-year reign of Emperor Franz Joseph I, the accompanying opera house was built. The first played piece of the house was Schiller Wilhelm Tell, whereas Wagner's opera was heard the next day. The magnificent Baroque and Rococo building offers space for nearly 1.400 spectators. In the monumental opera house not only operas are played, but also ballet performances are performed. Enjoy thrilling performances all year round. Your independent escort companion of Tabu Escort Graz is looking forward to an exciting night out. Take a seat and be part of the action. But watch out that it does not get you too much. Otherwise you might forget your sensual escort companion. Tabu Escort Graz wishes you a lot of fun in the performance.

Arnold's search for traces with Tabu Escort Graz

Arnold Schwarzenegger is most likely the most famous contemporary of Graz. The son of a policeman and a housewife had big dreams early on, because he wanted to build muscle. The bodybuilding icon dedicated his life to a sport that was not common in his day. But he had a goal and the goal was to be the best. 1968 emigrated Schwarzenegger in the States, because here he could do more with bodybuilding. But what about us Tabu Escort Graz is interested in his life before emigrating. Get along with your charming escort companion Tabu Escort on the search of the germ cell. The parental home where everything started. The old home was redesigned today so visitors can see where Arnold grew up. Go on a search and learn more Tabu Escort Graz!

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