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TABU Escort Dresden - In one of the so-called "new states", but in one of the most beautiful. Dresden is in our opinion, one of the cities one must have seen. In the east of Germany are hidden true pearls. Dresden is one of them. According to the population, the state capital is the second largest in Saxony. If you start from the surface, Dresden occupies the fourth place nationwide. We from Tabu Escort Dresden put this city on top, because as much beauty as here you will rarely find. Already in 5. Millennium finds evidence of the existence of Dresden, but whether these were the current inhabitants? The place is best known for its stunning old town, and the Baroque style. However, whether Dresden really is a Baroque city remains questionable, but you can find out for yourself! Tabu Escort Dresden is pleased to help you in the search for a sensual independent escort companion for the trip.

The Semperoper traditionally with Tabu Escort Dresden

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Near the Elbe you hear sounds of Dresden. The Semper Opera is named after your creator. The opera is the voice of the old town. At Theaterplatz you will find the gem. The Semperoper offers entertainment of all kinds, because apart from operas and ballet performances are on the board. Take your seductive freelance escort lady by Tabu Escort Dresden with the ballet, or the opera. You will like it! The predecessor to the opera building was already built in the middle of the 19. Century, but it was destroyed a few decades later. A fire was the cause here, so everything was equal to the ground. The then royal theater was rebuilt after six weeks, next to the old ruins. Over the years, the Semperoper Opera has been given two more projects, but explore it yourself with an escort lady from Tabu Escort.

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The Residenzschloss with Tabu Escort Dresden

Dresden's Renaissance Castle. Where the nobility once lived today are tourists from all over the world. The electors and the kings once found their peace here. The Residenzschloss characterizes Dresden as one of the oldest buildings. Influences came here from many eras, because the romance and the historicism did not stay out. Although you can not influence yourself, but with Tabu Escort Dresden Visit. Since the 1980. The castle is under construction and is home to a total of five museums. Do not miss the opportunity to stop by. Unfortunately, the castle was also affected by the air raids in World War II and burned down on the foundations. In its full splendor, the castle will shine again 2021. One thing can be drawn, because the castle chapel takes longer. Tabu Escort recommends to visit here, because here you will find history!

By the old town with Tabu Escort Dresden

The pearl on the Elbe delights with its beauty. Dresden's old town is the figurehead of the city. It is recommended to open the old town on foot, because the paths are the pleasant. It does not matter which season you arrive. Explore the city with her freelance enchanting escort model from Tabu Escort Dresden. The exploration can be done on your own or in groups. The city offers numerous guided tours. Whether as a couple, or in a group, you will pass by the Semperoper and the Residenzschloss. When walking, the overall impression of the old town in connection with their exclusive escort companion. If the weather does not play along, there are also numerous museums to hide! Tabu Escort Dresden hopes that you are just as amazed by the city as we are.

Try the domino or the Dresdner Stollen Tabu Escort Dresden

The well-known pastry of the city. The Dresdner Stollen. Under European law, since 2010, the tunnel has been a protected geographical indication. At least as exclusive as your escort companion, because the original is only available in Dresden. Believe it or not, but for the distinctive Stollen there are exact recipe templates. These include permits and prohibitions! By contrast, the Dresden domino is a bit more relaxed. This is counted among the long-lasting pastries, and that because he includes gingerbread. The domino was known among other things as "Notpraline". This term developed during the Second World War due to food shortages. Feel free to take the sweet side of the city with you Tabu Escort Dresden!

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