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TABU Escort Cologne - Cologne is not only the fourth largest city in Germany, but also a true beauty. The Cologne Cathedral, the old town or the Hohenzollern Bridge. Experience the enchanting city of Cologne from the best sides with a freelance model of TABU Escort Cologne. The city is not only beautiful, but also the oldest city in Germany. No wonder that Cologne offers so many attractions. Take your time and enjoy your stay in this unique city. The city with just under a million inhabitants offers for us TABU Escort Cologne many exciting corners. The city is very interested in the carnival time. Here the city awakens in all colors and costumes. Get all the hidden corners of a freelance model of TABU Escort Cologne show, because the city will enchant you. We are sure that you will like it! You will love the city if you have never been here. You will be amazed, especially since you have never been to Cologne.

The cathedral - the landmark experience with TABU Escort Cologne

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At the sight of the Cologne Cathedral, it is hard to believe that the stunning building was completed in the year 1880. The landmark Cologne is usually the first destination of visitors to Cologne. The construction was based on the French Gothic. The cathedrals of Strasbourg, Amiens and Paris served as a model. Cologne Cathedral is best known for the Three Kings Shrine and Gero Cross. The Three Kings Shrine houses the bones of the Magi. With 2,2 meters in length, 1,1 meters in width and 1,53 meters in height, the Three Kings Shrine is the largest medieval reliquary in Europe. The Gero cross is also one of the oldest Christian works of art, which is still preserved. It comes from the 10. Century and is nearly 3 meters high! The Cologne Cathedral still looks very well preserved, although it is no longer the youngest. We from TABU Escort Cologne are curious if you like the visit.

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The famous old town of Cologne with TABU Escort Cologne

The old town of Cologne owns for TABU Escort Cologne is a popular tourist destination. This is certainly because it is located in the very center, which is close to all the famous sights of Cologne. In addition to this advantage, the old town of Cologne also offers a large number of shopping opportunities. In addition to small shops and boutiques, you will also find well-known designers here. But you can relax with a freelance lady of TABU Escort in one of many beautiful cafes instead of shopping. Are you a gourmet? Cologne offers many delicacies, which you with a freelance model of TABU Escort Cologne can enjoy. Do not forget to enjoy a cool Kölsch, the famous beer from Germany's oldest city. Many viewpoints also offer the old town, which is located directly on the Rhine and offers a great view. Especially in the evening, the city of Cologne brings to life. The old town fills with tourists and locals. Enjoy a nice evening in the old town of Cologne with her freelance model from TABU Escort.

The love castles on the Hohenzollern Bridge on the Rhine with TABU Escort Cologne

The Hohenzollern Bridge is one of seven Rhine bridges in Cologne. It was built between 1907 and 1911 and is the only bridge over the Rhine, which was not destroyed by bombs during World War II. Rather, the bridge was rather destroyed by the Wehrmacht itself. It was intended to make it more difficult for the Allies to cross the Rhine. The bridge does not provide access for cars. It was rebuilt primarily for railways and pedestrians. A mere notoriety are now more than 500.000 love locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge dar. The bridge is perfect for a romantic walk with a freelance lady of TABU Escort Cologne. Let the bridge show you closer and enjoy the view over the Rhine. The bridge was rebuilt, but it has not lost its old charm. Enjoy your stay on the bridge while enjoying a relaxing evening with a freelance model of TABU Spend escort.

Sweeten your day with TABU Escort Cologne in the chocolate museum

One of the most popular museums in Cologne is certainly that chocolate Museum, which lies on a peninsula at the Rheinau harbor. For TABU Escort Cologne One of the most delicious sights in Cologne - the Chocolate Museum. More than 600.000 visitors annually reinforce these statements significantly. The museum offers exciting things, not just for kids. Learn with us TABU Escort Cologne know everything about the chocolate. The museum is spread over three floors on a total of 4000 square meters. Experience the chocolate production with your own chocolate production. The absolute highlight of the museum is the about 3 meter high chocolate fountain, which may be tasted. Enjoy the stay with a freelance model of TABU Escort Cologne. Be sure to visit the Chocolate Museum, if time permits.

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