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Town Hall, Basel Minster or the marketplace - TABU Escort Basel

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TABU Escort Basel Switzerland - Basel is not only an inconspicuous city, but also the third largest city in Switzerland. Market place, town hall or the minster. Discover Basel with TABU Escort Basel, Hardly any other city gathers so many works, well-known architects. Basel's Old Town is one of the most preserved old towns in Europe. The narrow streets remind you of the holiday in Venice, because that is how the old town of Basel is built. With more than 180 fountains, the city shows its best side, especially on warm summer days. The city is divided into Grossbasel and Kleinbasel. The two sides of the Rhine and the old town connects the famous Mittlere Brücke. Basel is also the right place for cultural fans. The city offers just 40 museums. Enjoy your time in the famous city with her freelance model of TABU Escort. Perfect for an intellectual journey as you learn a lot in this city. With a short trip to Basel, you can with a nice freelance model of TABU Escort Basel do not go wrong!

The Middle Bridge - the reputation of Basel with TABU Escortservice Basel

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Once planned for local traffic, the Middle Bridge became increasingly important for long-distance trade. The former bridge was in the 14. Century built. After switching 1905 to the electric tram, she had to give way to the new Middle Bridge. The so-called "Käppelijoch" is a copy of the old bridge chapel. At that time even death sentences were executed here. The Käppelijoch is still reminiscent of the old style of the former bridge. The bridge radiates an old-fashioned atmosphere. Embark with a freelance model of TABU Escort Basel in the nostalgic time of Basel. In our experience, the Middle Bridge is a destination that you absolutely must have seen.

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The well-known old part of Basel with TABU Escort Service Basel

The popular old town is gaining in popularity, because it belongs to the most preserved Europe`s. Here you will find buildings from the 15. Century known architects. Many lanes and beautiful corners offers the old town of Basel. We from TABU Escort Basel can of course recommend the old town, because it is well received! Discover the city in a relaxed way while you have a nice day with a freelance model of TABU Escort by your side. Feel like you did on your last visit to Venice. The lanes of Basle let spread a nostalgic mood. Feel free to ask the locals, because they will give you many tips. The locals know many secret corners, which you with a freelance model of TABU Escort Basel can fathom.

The red town hall with TABU Escort Basel

If you are in Basel, you should definitely visit the town hall. The eye-catching color of the building immediately catches the eye. Take your time, because the town hall is a walk with a freelance model of TABU Escort Basel worth. The town hall comes after the gothic architecture. It was built in the year 1514 and looks very well preserved even today. In the same place the political center of Basel was established in the year 1920. Today, the Town Hall is mainly used as a meeting place of the Grand Council and the Government Council. Directly on the town hall is the well-known Basel market square. The city of Basel is always looking forward to new visitors, because the city loves tourism and the influence of new cultures.

The marketplace in Basel - shopping with TABU Escort Agency Basel

At the Basel marketplace, you can buy fresh food every day of the week. Here you have the opportunity with a freelance model of TABU Escort a relaxed walk experience. You can find a lot of interesting things here, because the marketplace offers a variety of treats and news. Discover the specialties of Basel and enjoy the time in the small and beautiful city.

Take your time for the interesting city. Basel offers a lot of possibilities for a nice stay with a freelance model of TABU Escort Basel. It's best to spend more than a day exploring this beautiful city. We from TABU Escort Basel can definitely recommend the city, because the list of destinations promises an exciting trip. The city is small, but it also offers many interesting little things.

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