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TABU Escort Regensburg, a principality and a temple - A great combination

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Escort Regensburg - A faith turned to stone, a temple on the Greek model and the castle of a principality. Yes, Regensburg will be yours and your exclusive freelance lady of TABU Escorts Regensburg offer more than you have ever dreamed.

With its half-timbered houses and small, winding streets in the old town, Regensburg does not look like a classic city. And that's just as well. Even though it is the fourth largest city in Bavaria with its 150.000 inhabitants, one always has the feeling of being in a medieval paradise. So take your model from TABU Escort Regensburg and lead them through castles, temples and cathedrals, taking you back to a time of the Principality.

Hand in hand with a model of TABU Escorts Regensburg over the stone bridge

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If you are with your lovely companionship of TABU Escort Regensburg through the city and from the Stadtamhof district into the wonderful old town, you should definitely use the Steinerne Brücke to cross. The stone bridge in Regensburg is next to the cathedral the most important landmark of the city and is still considered a masterpiece of medieval architecture.

After completion, it was the only bridge in the Danube, between Ulm and Vienna, and for 800 years the only bridge in Regensburg connecting both arms of the river. If you or your exclusive and freelance escort of TABU Escort noticed that the bridge is not straight, then you have no kink in the optics. It was actually not built in a straight line, but takes into account the flow and therefore looks a bit crooked.

At the top of the bridge you can see the "Bruckmandl", ie the bridge male. Originally, this figure dates from the year 1446 and symbolized the urban liberties and emancipation from the guardianship of the then bishop. However, the current figure is from the year 1854. One of the previous characters you and your beautiful model of TABU Look at escort Regensburg in the Historical Museum.

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A temple on the Greek model and a beautiful wife of TABU Escort Regensburg

Raised above the Danube, you and your freelance model come from TABU Escort certainly as easy as in ancient Greece when you see the fantastic Valhalla. It is a temple made of precious marble, which is surrounded by four pillars and was built on behalf of the Bavarian King Ludwig I. It is one of the most important German national monuments of the 19. Century and was built as a place of remembrance for appreciating German-speaking men and women.

That you and your freelance lady of TABU Escort Regensburg will happen as in ancient Greece is by the way no coincidence. The master builder of the Walhalla, Leo von Klenze, was inspired by the famous Partheon on the Athenian Acropolis, combined with other modern building techniques, creating an independent and unique creation of architecture.

Let and your exclusive freelance accompaniment of TABU Escorts Regensburg do not miss this incredible temple and appreciate your model as it deserves.

With a model of TABU Escort Regensburg in the stone become faith

The Regensburg Cathedral, which can be seen from afar, is the center of the city and, along with the Cologne Cathedral, is one of the most important cathedrals in Germany. Thus, it is not surprising that the Regensburg Cathedral is the most important church in the city. It is said that St. Peter's dome is the stone-made faith and the spiritual heart of the diocese.

This beautiful church offers you and your exclusive freelance escort TABU Escorts Regensburg should look natural, is modeled on the French-dominated type of "classical" Gothic cathedral and was built on this basis. Enjoy with the beauty of TABU Escort by your side the beauty of this medieval art and marvel at the interior of St. Peter's Cathedral, where for centuries the bishops meet for prayer and the Regensburger Domspatzen to make music.

Your princess of TABU Escorts Regensburg in the castle - that fits!

Hard to believe, but today there are still families that belong to a princely house. The same applies to the Thurn und Taxis family in Regensburg, who, as it should be otherwise, live in a castle. More precisely, in the castle of St. Emmeram
You and your lovely princess of TABU Escort Regensburg may visit some of the premises, as well as the museum and feel like royalty. You can see the state rooms of the castle, with its tapestries of the Brussels time, and the interiors of the Palais Thurn and Taxis in Frankfurt am Main.
The castle St. Emmeram got the end of the 19. Century still its castle park. Unfortunately, this is not freely accessible today, nevertheless events take place in the course of the year again and again. These include a garden show in June, the Thurn und Taxis Castle Festival in July and the most beautiful Christmas market we have of TABU Know escort Regensburg.

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