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TABU Escort Nuremberg - Ever wanted to visit a city with medieval architecture with a beautiful woman? Then TABU Escort Nuremberg in the city of the same name in northern Bavaria the right place to go.

With its fortress walls and towers in the old town you and your lovely companion come from TABU Escort Nuremberg at every second at your expense.

The tourism industry is enjoying constant popularity in the "City of Human Rights". Run on the historic mile Nuremberg along and explore the main attractions. Arm in arm with your beautiful lady from TABU Escort Nuremberg.

With a model of TABU Escort Nuremberg to the landmark of the city

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Every city has its landmark. Nuremberg's landmark is undeniably the Nuremberg Castle in the Old Town.

The first documented traces left the double castle already in the time around 1000. Like many other buildings, Nuremberg Castle suffered from the Second World War and had to suffer heavy damage from air strikes. But the castle is more than just an old building for the people of Nuremberg. Thus, she and her historical forms were rebuilt and since then shine again in full glory. Take your lovely company off TABU Escort Nuremberg and spend a day together in one of the most important art and monuments of the city and enjoy the magnificent view over the city.

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Beauty of the Art + Beauty of the Woman - TABU Escort Nuremberg and the Albrecht Dürer home

As the name suggests, the Albrecht Dürer House was the residence and workplace of the most famous German painter. It was built around years 1420. He inhabited it, along with his wife, mother and several employees. Even though the house changed owners after Dürer 24, in general awareness it always remained the Dürerhaus. A landmark that you and your freelance dream woman of TABU Escort should not miss.

To celebrate the 300. The day of Albrecht Dürer's death, the city of Nuremberg acquired the house in the year 1826 and had a memorial room built in it. Meanwhile, the four-storey house is a museum and belongs to the network of museums of the city of Nuremberg.

Acquired a taste? Then you should look with your lovely beauty of TABU Escorts Nuremberg on the way to the Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 39 move and there visit this unique museum of one of the greatest artists in German history.

The man running in - The word does not go on the cap of TABU Escort Nuremberg

A sight that is not a tourist (you and your freelance escort) TABU Escort belong to it) in Nuremberg escapes, is the Frauenkirche!

It is one of the most important churches in the city and can be found on the east side of the main market. In addition to its imposing appearance, the numerous historical paintings and the Tucheraltar, probably the biggest attraction is the men running in on the gable of the church. Every afternoon at 12, the bells of the Frauenkirche ring, while various artistic figures move in and then wander around the emperor depicted. Should you and your erotic date from TABU Escort Nuremberg strolling through Nuremberg during the day, this attraction is an absolute must on your list.

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While you are with your beautiful companion of TABU Escort Nuremberg along the historic mile, you will also come to the "Beautiful fountain", which will round off your visit perfectly!

Because he is supposed to surround a legend.

Legend has it that the master who built the grid around the well had a daughter. His apprentice, a poor boy, fell in love with his daughter and campaigned for her. But the master did not want to leave his daughter to a poor guy and threw him out. He is said to have said something like: "This will be a once in a while! Little does it become out of how you manage to make the rings on the well grid turn! "Master went on a journey and the apprentice wanted to prove that he could do it. He worked so long and worked on the ring until he made it. He left the city and never came back. A destiny, which you thanks TABU Escorts will not have.

Incidentally, one of the rings is considered a lucky charm that fulfills wishes. Mostly the brass ring is held as this. Many Nuremberg, however, consider the ring of iron for the "true" lucky charm. We from TABU Escort Nuremberg advise you: turn on both. Then you are on the safe side.

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