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You would like to work as a high class escort?

Thank you for your interest in my agency TABU ESCORT, one of the most renowned and exclusive escort agencies in Germany. My escort agency is constantly on the lookout for exceptional, pretty and educated ladies who enjoy having themselves mediated as a freelance escort lady. My clientele consists of well-situated gentlemen as well as successful and international business people from all over the world. As an independent escort lady, I arrange dates for elegant business lunches, romantic evenings, exciting events, accompaniment for cultural evenings, the opera, the theater or as a travel companion.

A very lucrative part-time job where you decide yourself, when you want to work and which date you want to take on. Incidentally, they are in 5 star hotels and gourmet restaurants, they are also royally paid for and sometimes bring them the customers still gifts in addition to.
I am pleased to hear from you and am available for further questions by phone and in person.

Please enter a valid telephone number and an e-mail address for further inquiries.

If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, there might be a technical problem. In this case, please send me an e-mail or call:

E-Mail: casting
Mobile: + 49 174 8080600

What kind of requirements do I have to have as a High Class Escort Model?
You are attractive and well cared for You always pay attention to your appearance You have a tasteful wardrobe that suits your type
You have a positive attitude and are friendly
You are loyal, reliable and discreet
You speak good German and possibly foreign languages ​​(ideally some English)
How much do I earn as an independent escort model?
A profit of several thousand € per month is possible without any investment. The opportunity to earn a lot of money in a short time makes the job extremely attractive for a lot of young lady.

Your merit as an independent escort model depends on several points

Your attractiveness
Your flexibility
Your availability
how well you can respond to people
Foreign language skills
Your advantages when you go through TABU Escort want to arrange
Dates to the most beautiful places in the world High income and financial freedom You get to know interesting men
Luxury, traveling and visiting gourmet restaurants and 5 star hotels
Flexible working
Discreet and Anonymous
We advise you and are always at your side
The escort agency contract
In an agency contract, the rights and obligations of you and the agency are recorded. It should be clearly defined what the agency offers to services. As a rule, you hire the agency to broker customers and book hotels and flights. For this, the agency gets an agreed commission from you.

Your service should be defined in a contract exactly. For example, the escort lady (du) accompanies her customers in restaurants, on trips and offers her erotic services.

Services of the agency:
Creation of a sed card with your pseudonym after consultation with you
Advertising and SEO
Appointment with customers
Booking of hotels and flights
Arrangement of an appointment for a professional photo shoot for the sed card

Services Escort Model:
Notification by SMS at the beginning and the end of the date, as well as an extension or a cancellation of the date
Punctual payment of our commission
How do I recognize a reputable agency?
Unfortunately, there are many "black sheep" in this industry. Here we show you what you recognize a really serious agency and what you should pay attention to:

Look closely at the imprint of the agency
You should always meet the agency manager in person, in the office of the agency, in their home office or the business address of the agency
The business address must be published in the IMPRINT on the homepage
The HR (commercial register) entry and the sales tax ID of the agency must be published in the imprint
The agency of your choice should always be available to you in emergencies, both on the phone and in person, especially during a current date
The agency of your choice should as far as possible have the registered office in Germany, so that the agency would be legally available to you
Agencies that have their headquarters in so-called tax-privileged countries, the legal side should be clarified in advance with a good tax adviser

Let yourself be advised by a professional tax advisor, who knows about prostitution and escort agencies, unless you live in the respective country and work there as an escort model. Because then the relevant laws and regulations apply
How does an escort date?
Each date is different and each customer mediated is unique and has natural different ideas about his date. Most of the customers tell us how we want the escort lady to appear on the date. We then forward this to you. If we have information for you about the customer such as age, etc., then we pass this on to you as well. So you can better prepare yourself for your upcoming date and indicates approximately the age and origin of the customer. As an independent escort lady, the guest honors your time and not as a prostitute, the service provided. In other words, the intimacies on the set card are your intimate choices that you have shared with us in advance.

You decide your own intimate possibilities and "NO GO`s
As an independent escort lady you set your own fees
You decide yourself whether you want to accept a date
Your customer pays the agreed fee in cash directly to you at the beginning of the date
How long does a date take?
A date starts at 2 hours and is often booked at short notice. Other dates are over 4- 6 hours and are with dinner or lunch. Again, at other Dates, the customer wants an overnight, because he wants to spend the night with you to still have breakfast with you in the morning. Dates over several days, over the weekend or as a holiday companion are usually booked with lead time of several days or weeks, so you can adjust and plan yourself. Most customers book a shorter date with you before a long date to get to know you first and to make sure that the chemistry and sympathy is right.
Who are the customers and how do the customers book a date?
Most customers are very well-kept businessmen from home and abroad and for a short time in your city. Mostly, the business people are busy during the day and do not want to spend the evening alone and then book an escort lady. Customers can contact us either by phone, SMS, WhatsApp, by e-mail or via a booking form and usually ask a certain lady, who likes them very much. The request will then be forwarded to you by SMS. You decide for yourself whether you want to accept the possible booking. Once we have your confirmation that you accept the date, we contact the customer to operate the date. In the 2. Step by step, we will tell you all the details of the date and the final confirmation that you in turn as soon as possible confirm back by SMS. Thus, you have all the data and details of your date written and forget nothing.
Can I remain anonymous as an escort lady?
Yes, this is the reason why you, as an independent escort lady, are hiring an agency to help you. Only we as an agency know your real identity. We will never tell them to the customer. The same applies to the customers who like you want to remain anonymous.
Your safety TABU Escort
Safety is our top priority

For dates that are more than 150 kilometers from your place of residence, the customer will in most cases have to make a down payment. As an independent escort lady you can give us a power of attorney for all advance payments and the customer can then make a deposit of your fee and any travel expenses by bank transfer to our business account. We then forward them to you by bank transfer. Thus, your anonymity is preserved.

Should your customer cancel the date booked with you at short notice and you were already on the way to the date, you will not receive any reimbursement of your travel costs. With a down payment, however, this risk is reduced to a minimum.

When you first book a new customer in a city other than your place of residence, in most cases the customer will also have to make a down payment. When booking at the hotel on the date of the appointment, we will only give you the green light for you when we have received the number of the hotel room from your guest and we have reviewed it. If your client wants you to arrive no later than he / she, a deposit is also required. The down payment of the customer is usually made by bank transfer to our business account
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